What we do

We're an early-stage venture fund firm based in the United States of America.


Our vast portfolio provides us with proprietary information across every major real estate asset class in virtually every major market around the world,

allowing us to identify themes and invest capital with conviction.


Scale is one of our greatest strengths. The breadth of our existing portfolio gives us differentiated perspectives across sectors and geographies, while our significant discretionary capital base enables us to execute large and complex transactions.




Jobs created


Pitch sessions



What we look for

Since we started investing in real estate in 2018, the growth of our business across both products and geographies has expanded our ability to provide practical and diverse solutions to our limited partners. We have invested successfully through all market cycles and across the entire risk spectrum.


Team, business model, market size, revenue model, monetisation and scalability


$1m - $5m; early-stage investments with high growth potential


How we invest


Our opportunistic business seeks to acquire undermanaged, well-located assets across the world. In connection with these acquisitions, we build businesses that are set up to manage the underlying properties and ultimately maximize their value by instituting best-in-class management. Post-acquisition, we also invest in the properties to improve them before selling the assets and returning capital to our limited partners.


Our Core+ strategy features stabilized real estate with a long investment horizon and moderate leverage, where we can unlock additional value through focused asset management. Our funds focus on industrial, residential, office and retail assets in American gateway cities.

Our belief

We believe founders need more than just capital to succeed. We provide meaningful innovation in an emerging economy. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive network of people, services and community around collaborating together to win.

Focus on People

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of progress, and we exist
to help them realize their visions for a better world.

Innovation and Scale

Cultivate a healthy ecosystem and greatness will follow. Three pillars support the foundation for an ecosystem that breeds successful
  • Money
  • People
  • Knowledge


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